To push your operations to go digital and become an e-Business is definitely a great idea! Most organizations who wants to go digital, immediately jump into systems integration tasks, ranging from buying off-the-shelf apps to go paperless; interconnecting business process like approvals and forms, to installing different gadgets or supporting perpherals. Once complete however, it doesn't actually stop there.

 e-Businesses who are not really IT companies however, face two common predicaments:

First, is the potential sudden growth and efficiency of the business that it now needs bigger and reliable infrastructure; and second, the fast and viscious cycle of Technological Change forcing organizations to continuously catch up with the new technologies and EOL (End of Life) of commercial software they bought. These changes are inevitably driven by new inventions, innovations, including the increasing or decreasing acceptance rate by the society such as customers and employees on the use of technology. If an organization fails to adapt to changes, it will be a struggle to keep its digitally-powered business "lean" and "relevant".

Solutions Development

Every client is different. As solution developers, we go a step further that sets us apart from system integrators. The methodologies and experiences we've built over the years have enable us to level, sit, and listen to our clients, and ultimately allows us to identify the strengths and pain points,and build comprehensive solution package.

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Future Proofing

Going digital is not enough. Business owners have to adapt to viscious cycle of technology change. Each year, Invention, Innovation, and Tech Diffusion is a continuous process that continually pushes Information Technology to new boundaries and at the same time pushes the need for organizations to future-proof their operations.

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Outsourcing, Consulting & Analysis

Clients resort to making their own IT projects by doing their own reasearch, or hiring an in-house staff to implement or maintain the IT infrastructure. The constant threat however is when the staff leaves, or the business outgrow the skills and tools they internally have.
Is spending more for training and equipments an investment or a risk?

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Our Vision

Our Mission